Glass Mosiac Tiles

Glass Mosiac Tiles India - We are specialized in providing different kind of mosaic, With mature kilns and glazed lines Equipment. Along with other services we are providing the service of Glass Mosiac Tiles. We always worked towards elevating the experience of our end user. Glass Tiles are practical decor for homes and business. The glass Mosiac tiles are weather proof, chemical resistant and light in weight, as the product is made up of glass, it does not absorb water, it is also resistant to thermal shock, color fading. These beautiful Mosaic are also excellent for commercial applications like bars, restaurants, lounges, swimming pool and the private villas swimming pool, hotel lobbies, and other high visibility, high traffic areas where , need durability , grace perfect products.

We have taken great care to try and present the beautiful subtle colour tones of our tiles as realistically as possible. We offer Various size (11*11mm, 20*20mm, 24*24mm, 51*51mm square), colors(40) and series high glossy, rainbow, metallic, mate finish. The glass Mosiac tiles has been already used in religious places, bathrooms, swimming pool, fountain, kitchen top, fireplace, interiors and ecteriors.

Advantage of using Glass Mosiac Tiles:

  • Design: Probably the biggest benefit of using mosaic glass in a flooring application is the beauty that can be achieved with a proper installation. You have a choice between solid and multicolored tiles, which can be arranged in simple or intricate patterns.
  • Clean: Glass tiles are resistant to stains, mold, and mildew. They tend to show dirt very easily so you will always know when its time to clean. They are resistant to chemical damage and they aren't porous, so you don'thave to worry about grime sinking into the tile.
  • Luminous: All but the darkest glass tiles will tend to reflect light, rather than absorb it. This can make the mosaic pieces seem to glow with a luminous radiance that you can't find in any other flooring material.
  • Durability: As long as your glass tiles have passed the stringent ASTM standards required to be used as flooring material, they should be durable and resistant to cracking under anything save sharp direct force applied with a hard object such as a hammer. Scratches are another matter however.