Steam and Sauna

Sauna India

Traditional saunas are small rooms brought to high temperatures with heated rocks. Wet saunas incorporate water poured on the rocks to produce steam, while infrared saunas create heat with infrared heaters. Planning a sauna as part of your new home or a renovation project is simple. Space is rarely a problem. These heaters emit infrared radiant heat that does not heat up the room, rather heats the people in the room---a similar effect to that created by sitting in sunshine on a cool day. While some studies indicate that traditional saunas provide health benefits, infrared saunas may provide these benefits as well. We offer a complete range of prefabricated saunas in all shapes and sizes - from compact home-bathroom models to large, exclusive facilities for hotel suites or corporate representation.

Steam India

A luxurious steam room raises the standard in any public bathing facility. A steam bath opens pores, soothes sore muscles, increases circulation, and provides a generally relaxing and healthy experience. People have indulged in steam baths for centuries, as the has practice spread across and among continents. Now, modern technology has enabled the installation of efficient, carefully controlled baths at spas, fitness centers, meditation rooms, and in personal residences.

Quality is also evident in our commitment to the environment. Clean water as a source of health and pleasure forms the basis for all our shower products, for instance. Thatís why we take our responsibility to the environment seriously. For a very wet and hot health treatment, people often seek out a peaceful steam bath. This usually takes place in a sealed room with wooden benches, similar to a sauna, which is kept at an even temperature and filled with mist. There is a narrow range of optimum temperature for humans, around 112 F (44 C) that raises our body temperature without causing overheating. The circulating vapor must be replenished so the humidity remains near saturation for maximum benefits. You may find a steam bath at your yoga studio, local spa, health clinic, or stand-alone establishment that may also have hot tubs, saunas, or wading pools.